In today’s high-tech competition IT outsourcing industry required Trend analysis for market knowledge and trend wave to select right path to grow faster and smoother. Very few company do Trend Analysis before they do Business Plan or Projection for the next annual revenue matrix. They prepared effort plan but in the direction they are making efforts are suitable enough to get maximum out put from their are not strategically calculated. Many time that effect result in to the less output or projection failure.

I worked with an IT company who had a trend analyst to visualize the coming trend and market demand. They follow the trend setters and derive the next big thing in to the market base upon consumer purchase power and psychology towards the demand of that IT base product. After they identify the product or software or application in demand in short future, we start preparing for the same with efforts of resource training and awareness about the same technology.

For Example: While iPhone launched no one knows the potential and just look at the device as a one more phone, while analyzing the limitations of iPhone when it launched many trend analyst look at the model of iTunes to grow with the application and SDK compatibility. Many company start developing and submitting iPhone applications on iTunes. and base upon strong portfolio they have done major business and grown in lighting fast speed.

Key Role of Trend Analyst in IT outsourcing:

  • Define the capability of IT company to look after relevant opportunities.
  • Analyze the opportunity targeting geographical focus for the trend.
  • Derive key trends to ensure maximum returns of IT investment
  • Approach untouched or low-touch domain with prospective growth
  • Design investment and return matrix before following the trend
  • Prepare Strategic Approach plan for market penetration

We can strategist our focus base upon best time utilization and resource investment matrix after trend analysis for maximum output.