Many company in India survive on International project of IT, software, application and website designing and development. Their business development head, managers and executives are using multiple options to fetch business from different sources and geographic places. However before choosing right model for company we need to analyze the probability of outcome from each source. Its easy to get small or law budget projects from the market however mid level and high level project also have their own market place and model to approach

More then 78% companies follows their traditional model for business development. They simply follow the model which suits their capabilities. They do not try new and if they try then expect quick result. More then 61% new companies try to fetch leads and business from all the models to get fast business but can not judge which one need to be taken for their skill matrix and long run vision.

Here the most important thing is to evaluate the market and after self analysis of company capability we can choose the right model. I have analyze these model with my 12 years of experience of international market for project size of 99$ to 15M $ tendering and also verified with online data of last 4 years. I find the ratio of business from each model base upon project size are as under.

Analysis of Business Development Model by Vision Raval 3

Analysis of Business Development Model by Vision Raval

For what objectives you can use this chart :

1- To chose right business development model for your company
2- To get right model for your capability base project execution
3- To streamline business development domain’s focus
4- To judge best way to invest marketing and sales resources
5- To design time investment matrix for BD & Sales activities

Note : These data is updated as per April 2011. These Data is subject to change due to market changes and trend wave,