Business Process Improvement :

Successful Business Owner has vision and plan to grow with deadline and they constantly checking where are they stand now. To know that NOW status they has set processes and plan with reverse engineering of target. We can help you to improve those process to get you clear picture where your business stands to judge the future growth.

Another way to look at BPI is to give smooth functioning to your business by implementing right process with key department and ensure its in the hands of the right people. Your team need to be capable of work / task / responsibilities you have allocated and you can measure their efforts and capability only by placing right processes in place. So, we help you to identify gap in your current process by PROCESS AUDIT, and train your team / managers for BPI and implement entire cycle to ensure your dashboard shows realistic progress numbers.

FAQ about BPI:

Key BPI Consulting Area:

BPI stands for Business Process Improvement, where we analyse and enhance process with different proven methodologies like SIx sigma, Kaizen, Kanban, JIT, Time and Motion study, LEAN etc. by performing BPI Audit, Training, and Implementation.

Its alwyes difficult to choose and implement right and simple method / tools of BPI for your business. Our expert can help you to identify the most suitable method / process to enhance your business output.

Every businessman or individual would puts lots of efforts, time investment and finance to start / manage any business with core objective of maximum output or profit. BPI helps to control and improve the overall objective of your business by identifying right way / process for the same.

ROI is very impotent element for any investment. As standard projection without implementing BPI, you may loose 35 to 40 percent of possible growth of your business. In my tenure of 14 years, I have never seen less then 10% of improvement by implementing BPI in to the overall output. Also, its not one time, Business will get advantage of right process and planing every year.

Time and Motion Studies use to be conducted for Menufacturing industry for improvement in to human driven process and possible automation. Also now a days it is used for IT, Oil and Gas, Production, Engineering and education sectors for pre-investment studies and better coordination.

Six sigma has proven and huge potential for any process driven organisation. We provide Audit, training and Implementation from basic to advance which starts from

  • Yellow Belt
  • Green belt
  • Black Belt
  • and Master Black Belt

Kaizen is Japanese theory and stands for Constant Improvement. It has formula to constantly check the current process and identify areas of improvement. It is used to avoid trend, culture, and environmental changes in to any process.

ISO is an industry standard certification for process. We provide total ISO training, deployment and audit for different level of certifications from 9001 to 27000. We also provide corporate and enterprise consulting for ISO process.

LEAN is a concept which goes well with Six sigma and individual management both. It has focused upon avoiding west and saving value added components of your business. We provide consulting for LEAN to add savings to your annual account sheet by controlling non value added activities and investing it to value added activities.

You are not sure which one to be used for your business or you have multiple business inter connected. Our expert can help you to choose the best BPI for your business. Contact us by clicking bellow button and you can book a time slot for phone discussion.

Enhance Productivity, Improve Process and Command your Business !

Take 360 degree control of your business and identify GAP to push it to the next level.


Business Process Improvement

Term Business Process Improvement has lots of different process, formulas and functions in built for the core objective of improvement in to process to contribute in to the growth of a Business. These improvement could be from any side, like profit, output, work environment, recognition of the right resource and their efforts, understand company better, create good relation among workers, investors and company. etc.

We do not play a role of only advisor but also work with your company from bottom level to the top level to ensure that deployment of these processes happen in right way. We ensure that data or number driven formula works well with practical and realistic manner to bring rational output to the company. We add value added gesture to penetrate company’s vision in the mind of entire team and make them aware of their responsibility and its monitoring. We encourage performance base division and roles for the overall growth of the business.