Apple launch iPhone 5 last week with mix response from the market. Mix response is more of negative side and less of positive side from different media and gizmo experts. Many users are ... Read More
September 15, 2012Vision Raval



Publishing Automation

Publishing automation and digitisation of books are current trend to utilise different mobility platforms to read the books.  As tablet have many key features to read the books digitally due to their screen size and sustainable battery ... Read More
August 22, 2012Vision Raval


After analyses proven success of apple iPhone and iPod's apps store, Intel jump in to Intel application store concept few months ago, Now again apple revert with Mac store in new year...!! MAC world did the ... Read More
January 7, 2011Vision Raval


Today morning I talk to Mr Elagnayiru Pari from intel and come to know about their application store launch in India around October 2010 to wish IT industry a Happy Diwali and prosperous new year. This store is ... Read More
August 26, 2010Vision Raval


Most awaited device from Apple launched, however the over all improvement do not have any surprise package. We are expecting apple to adding feaatures like multitasking, improve its high defination camara and video recording and full utilisetion of ... Read More
June 8, 2010Vision Raval


Game Center The Apple iPhone, OS 4.00 beta software and SDK is ready and it includes a developer preview of the GameKit APIs that allows you to create apps that will work with Game Center, Apple's new social gaming ... Read More
June 3, 2010Vision Raval


As per the market review, Android is making its presence strong by offering open source to execute innovations to developers and IT companies. Recently launched Android 2.2 SDK looks smooth and more efficient in compression of previous ... Read More
June 2, 2010Vision Raval



iphone trend

iPhone is the current boom, however at Indianic LLC we recognize the upcoming trend and started working on different iPhone application and publishing project. As a Business Development Manager I was handling inquiry to execution for iphone division over there. ... Read More
May 30, 2010Vision Raval