• Attend quarries of US students loan for several issues and account information.
• Solve missing payment and interest rate calculative problems.
• Process on line deferment and forbearance after verifying terms and conditions of federal student’s loan program.
• Allow credit agency to verify details form customer’s account after validating their ISN number.
• Inform about latest payment plans and assist them to apply for the loan and help them to check university list for course structure.
• Assist them online for different information and registration.
• Train new batch via Y jacking and call barging.
• Floor walks to guide and help new trainee in their transition period on live calls.


• Achieve highest quality of 5 rating with lowest AHT of 239 sec per call.
• Prepared case study and learning tutorial for the reference of new batches.
• Earn Client’s compliments for understanding their problems and providing the best solution and services to them.

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