Cloud Computing

Opening of Gujarat's First Tire III commercial data center "DATA FIRST", at the Cambay Grand. Press conference addressed by Mr Sanjay Gupta [ CMD, NTPL ] and our team on Jan 2010. Key point of discussion is about Cloud Computing ... Read More
June 2, 2010Vision Raval


Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System introduction Is a company-wide computer software system used to manage and coordinate all the resources, information, and functions of a business from shared data stores. An ERP system has a service-oriented architecture with modular hardware and software units ... Read More
June 1, 2010Vision Raval



Bid Marketing

Bid Marketing is the most popular way to bring outsourcing business for your company. Biding is not only way but its a science. Bid marketing have comprehensive strategy to bring the business. You need to know client's capability, on portal ... Read More
May 31, 2010Vision Raval


E-commerce portal for “Online B2B Marketing” is an art of understanding need of the mass and also providing user friendly solution accordingly. Before you chose the domain , you need comprehensive domain expertise and data to analysis your USP. ... Read More
May 29, 2010Vision Raval


NTPL Data First, the project I worked with has opted for the HS22 Intel Xeon 5500, IBM Blade servers with 2.93 GHz processing speed. . It supports the full range of high powered x86 Intel server processing ... Read More
May 12, 2010Vision Raval


We all are aware about power of SDLC to execute project with quality output. Majority companies use to follow waterfall, Agile or V-shape SDLC to manage their ongoing projects, however I suggest to my clients to ... Read More
April 6, 2010Vision Raval